Protecting Your Loved Ones With Life Insurance Policy

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At Edward Licciardi Insurance Agency LLC, we can't stress enough the importance of having a life insurance policy in place to protect your loved ones if the unthinkable should happen. If you live in New Jersey and are unsure of what type of life insurance is best for you, visit our office today and let one of our reputable agents discuss your options with you. We offer many different types of life insurance policies and can find the right policy that will help you achieve all of your financial goals.

Different Types of Life Insurance

There are different types of life insurance that are designed to meet several different needs. The three most common include:

  • Whole Life - Lasts throughout your lifetime and pays out upon your death
  • Term Life - Builds value throughout your life but can be cashed out when it reaches maturity
  • Combined Term/Whole Life - Brings both options together, providing financial benefits in various situations

Which One Is Best For Your Needs

In order to know which type of life insurance policy best suits your needs, you will have to determine what your goals are. Do you want to provide for your family in the event of your death, or are you trying to create a financial windfall that can be used later in life if you need it? Whether you have a family to support or are worried about your own financial security, the right type of life insurance policy is essential.

If you live in New Jersey and have questions concerning what type of life insurance is best for you, call Edward Licciardi Insurance Agency LLC. When you call our office, we will be able to schedule an appointment and go over all of your financial needs. We can work together to find just the right policy to protect you and your family.