Providing Home Insurance Services to Secure Your Residence

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At Edward Licciardi Insurance Agency, New Jersey residents can get the information they need to make an informed decision concerning home insurance. Whether you are ready to update an existing policy or simply looking for a new homeowner's policy, call or visit our office whenever it's most convenient. Our agents are always ready to answer any questions or provide information that you can use when making your final decision.

Evaluate Your Home Insurance

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Protecting it from financial loss is extremely important. Over the years, the value of your home may change. Property value is only one aspect of the equation. The value of your possessions has also changed. Any time you make substantial changes to your home, either through remodeling or adding on, you increase its overall value. The same is true when you upgrade your appliances or purchase smart home products like digital thermostats, televisions, and other high-tech electronics. Downsizing your home is also a reason to request an evaluation of your existing insurance policy.

Know What Type of Coverage You Need

In addition to the fire and general liability coverage, you may also want to find out if you need flood insurance. Living in or near an area that is designated as a floodplain dramatically increases your risk of damage caused by flood waters. Residential flood insurance will protect your home from financial disaster if the area floods and your property is damaged. We can discuss your options with you, so you know exactly what types of insurance are most beneficial for your area.

New Jersey residents are encouraged to call our office any time they have questions or concerns about their homeowner's insurance. At Edward Licciardi Insurance Agency, our agents can find the best policy to suit all of your insurance needs. Call and schedule your appointment today! You can also stop by our office or visit our website!