Offering Auto Insurance to the Residents of New Jersey

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According to the New Jersey State Police, 328 auto accidents and 352 fatalities were reported in the first half of 2018. Such appalling statistics underline the importance of taking up an auto insurance policy for your vehicle. Auto insurance meets the repair and replacement costs of your vehicle after an insured event. At Edward Licciardi Insurance Agency, LLC, we afford New Jersey residents’ ideal auto insurance coverage options.

Our Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Personal Injury Coverage

The personal injury coverage option meets your medical expenses after an auto accident. Some injuries can be fatal, and without insurance backup, they can drain your savings. Also, given that, in some instances, injuries result in lost income, this coverage option enables you to meet your immediate financial obligations and lead a normal life after an accident.

Auto Liability Coverage

Legal suits after auto accidents are common. Normally, these legal suits are filled by injured parties after the accident. This coverage option affords you some reprieve in these instances by meeting your litigation fees. Also, the coverage option helps you meet the awarded damages.

Comprehensive Coverage

This coverage option pays to repair or replace your vehicle after an insured non-accident event. These events include weather and fire damage.

Collision Coverage

After an accident, this coverage option pays to repair your vehicle after an accident. Remember, the liability coverage option doesn’t cover your repair costs hence the importance of this coverage option.

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Why Choose Edward Licciardi Insurance Agency?

Tailor-made Coverage Options

We have designed our auto insurance coverage options to meet your auto insurance needs. For example, if you use your car, often we advise that you consider adding the collision cover to your policy.

Experienced Agents

Our agents are industry trained and will be on hand to advise you on the ideal coverage options for your vehicle.

Looking for ideal auto insurance coverage in New Jersey? Get in touch with us today for more information. Also, you can visit our website for a free estimate of your auto insurance coverage options.